Blackboard ANZTLC16 Presentation: Blackboard Analytics for Learn

Bb ANZTLC Slide 01

Blackboard Analytics for Learn: A recipe for success
Richard Stals, Senior Learning Solutions Advisor, Edith Cowan University

Download the slides: STALS_Analytics_TLCANZ_2016

So much of the current discussion around Learning Analytics seems to be caught up in the realm of Big Data that informs the top executives and decision makers who are shaping institution-wide strategies. While these kinds of topics need to be explored, truly significant and transformative uses of learning analytics can be had at the grassroots level of the teacher and student.

This session will look at how Edith Cowan University is using Blackboard Analytics for Learn to empower staff and students with their own data, allowing them to make informed and timely decisions in their own teaching and learning journeys.

We will explore how learning analytics data enables staff to do things like identify and support students at risk of disengaging from the course early, monitor how students are actually engaging in their course and collect real evidence on student interactions that informs a continual process of improvement in learning design and resources.

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