Blackboard ANZTLC16 Presentation: Virtual Reality, Simulations and Serious Games

ANZTLC16 - Slide 02

Virtual Reality, Simulations and Serious Games: What is out there and where should we go?
Richard Stals, Senior Learning Solutions Advisor, Edith Cowan University

Download the slides: ANZTLC16-VR-SIMS-GAMES

At last year’s teaching and learning conference I ran a session looking at how the combination of the Unity3D game development platform, the SCORM standard and Blackboard provides a bleeding-edge, creative and innovative outlet within a stable and managed Learning Management System.

This year I am inviting all you designers and coders, thinkers and tinkerers, innovators and creators to accelerate the use of immersive 3D and 2D serious games and simulations in all of our organisations. We will begin with a survey of the current technology being used around our region and then we will explore ideas for innovative and collaborative projects that can be pursued over the coming year.

The goal of this session is to collect together our project ideas and connect people who are willing and able to see these projects become reality and have them deployed within Blackboard Learn and Moodle.

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