Eculture 2011

Eculture 2011 Title

Eculture provides staff and students with the opportunity to showcase innovation in the field of learning and teaching. It encourages scholarship in teaching, the demonstration of best practice and to facilitate the exchange of ideas. The focus will be on previously unpublished research, case studies and best practice show cases in the field of learning and teaching.

The theme I chose for the branding was “Your passport to innovative teaching and learning”. I produced a branded USB (credit card shaped), branded posters, and a branded companion site that was distributed on USBs to the delegates. The companion site contains the conference papers and posters (and a surprise or two for those who look hard enough).

Have a look at the companion site here.

Eculture 2011 Credit Card USB
Eculture 2011 Credit Card USB
Advertising Poster
Advertising Poster
Passport style flyers
Passport style flyers

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