Mass Casualty Triage Serious Game

Mass Casualty Triage

Simulation training is a key part of a healthcare professional’s education.  Standardised patients and partial task trainers such as intubation heads have been used for decades.  Advances in technology have seen a growing number of high-fidelity mannequins, virtual reality and computer-based simulations expand the scenarios that can be simulated.

This unique simulation training App features real-world immersive scenarios and authentic casualty data sourced from the Victim Base database (

My favourite scenario is the Avon Valley train derailment.  Set in my home state of Western Australia, you have been called to a Mass Incident train derailment with over 100 casualties. It features an emergency call developed by members of the St John’s Ambulance Service as well as the actual topography and Satellite imagery of the region.

There are eight scenarios available and you can choose one of three triage methods – Triage Sieve and Sort, SALT or START.

I have released the Windows Desktop version for free and it is now Setup-MCT.exe

Or you can still by the Mac OSX version for $2.99 here:
(I will post a free version here once I am able to re-build it).

Let me know how you end up using them.

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