Paramedics Virtual World Prototype

Unity3D Paramedic Demo

For the new Paramedics Masters set at a local University, I was asked to develop a prototype scenario to teach the students how to triage in a Mass Casualty Incident.

I worked a Paramedics Officer in developing a small scenario that asks the student to triage casualties in a train wreck using the actual triage card they use on the field.

The prototype was developed in the Unity3D game development engine. I was able to customise the Unity3D web player so that the scenario is SCORM compliant – this means that we can plug it into a Learning Management System (we used Blackboard), and track the students progress through the scenario.

Paramedics Virtual World Prototype
Paramedics Virtual World Prototype

Try out the prototype here.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like some information on how you integrated blackboard with unity3D as there is no information available that i could find.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  2. For this project I published the Unity3D application to the WebPlayer version. I then edited the html container that is produced by Unity3D to include a set of Javascript functions that access an open source javascript library of SCORM functions.

    I then had to (manually) wrap it in the file and folder structure that makes it SCORM compliant.

    Some very technical information can be found here: – they have a plug-in for Unity3D that is supposed to help set up your project for SCORM, but it still needs a bit of hands-on babysitting.

  3. I’m involved with a large pcorejt where a national learning object repository should be integrated with learning management systems. The aim is, as a first step, to be able to export an existing course of an LMS and to send it in a reusable format to a repository system. The export should happen mostly automatically.We have implemented prototypes for Blackboard Vista and Moodle (and another open source lms) to export course contents as described above. Here are the experiences:With Moodle we had to implement an extension. We needed a skilled programmer who realized the export function. The contents were exported as IMS-CP packages. The programmer needed 10 working days.With Blackboard Vista we were not able to realize it. The reason is that Vista does not have an API that allows to access to the contents and the way they are organized in the learning modules. The only way to export the contents is to manually export every single learning module as IMS-CP. SCORM export is not available. And yes the entire course can be exported in an archive format. But the file is encrypted (!) which efficiently prevents all technically skilled persons from doing reverse engineering. Obviously, Blackboard by no means gives away or sells the decryption tool.Blackboard has made an offer (not exactly cheap!) for a clumsy powerlink extension that exports programmatically the learning modules of a course. We are evaluation it now I leave it up to you to draw your conclusions.CheersRolf

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